Indian Folk Art and their existence

Even is Indian Folk art are very narrative and their existence is derived from different rituals and folk lore including epic story of Ramayana and Mahabharata, their images of different folklore characters always co inside with local dialects and with characters we can easily characterize them with the dresses and their face and figurative appearances. While watching Jatra theatre we always characterize the character which we have seen in ‘Patachitra’ and ‘Gabakha Lanthan’ images which we have seen while watching above ‘Gabakha Lanthan’ and ‘Patachitra’.

Indian folk art are always an assimilation of love, hate, velour and religious icons with their carriage or in local dialects it is called Bahanas. Such as when they depict Ramayana story especially during Sitaharan, Ravana’s fight with Jatayu and Hanuman’s destruction of Lanka or construction of Rama Setu etc etc as amply found in Indian Folk art and with their narrative existence.

Folk art place very important role in Adibasi or Tribals day to day life which one can see outside their thatch huts especially when one visits ‘Santhal Pally’, the famous Madhubani Painting one can easily identify with their unique style with a (double) parallel lines with marginal earth colours.

In Orissa, Patachitra are beautifully painted with earth and vegetable colours on palm leaf depicting our mythological stories such as Ramayana, Mahabharata, story of agannath, Balaram & Subhadra and how the images were distorted because of king’s undue interest before finishing of these three deities which is (dedicted to Puri Jagannath) installed in Puri Jagannath temple.

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