Is it worth investing in Art?

In this time and space, people look at things with returns. From emotions to money, they want to barter everything. But, is it really possible to put money on something and expect nothing out of it? There are a lot of things in this world that can give you a sense of satisfaction, curiosity to learn more and understanding this universe on a deeper level and that is art. Any form of art be it a painting, a sculpture or a contemporary dance form, it defines life in a different way. But the question remains the same, would you invest in art? Or would you invest in accumulating assets. This blog is all about understanding this and an attempt to get an answer.

We live in a go-getter world that runs on the bridge of money and it is pivotal to understand that nothing comes for free. How do we invest in art of all? If at all can we? When you buy paintings online, what comes to your mind? Any piece of craft showcases talent of the artist and also, his ability to conceive an idea. Art comes with a baggage of knowledge, assortment of hues, class, and abundance of imagination.

Indian contemporary artists have a lot to display, a lot of short stories to tell and massive thoughts to draft. It is there capability that gets you drawn to during exhibitions and fairs. It is that art that inspires you to bring home and put it on the forefront. Every piece of art has a detailed connotation to it. Only a handful of people who understand life in depth are able to comprehend art. Talking of investment, art means different aspects. Art with respect to investment means finding meaning to the piece, placing it in one’s home and sharing one’s taste with like minded people and most importantly sharing the meaning. The art will never bring you monetary benefit but it will always bring you a sense of satisfaction, and an opportunity to appreciate life.

When you buy an asset, it is associated with wealth, fortune, market dynamics, trends and market value. Most importantly, any asset has a future too which is why people buy it. It has security hung to it that often shapes peoples’ futures. People buy land, gold, and residential property with an aim to build a safe haven for their children and future generations.

But when people buy abstract paintings online they bring home art. This goes for people who buy sculpture for sale online as well. When you bring home any craft, you develop curiosity in peoples’ hearts who visit you. Nothing compares to that emotion of curiosity. If you are an art lover just keep up the magnitude of curiosity among people.

In the end, one can never say buying art is as same as buying assets.

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