art advisory

Buying art can be a little daunting experience, that's why at ARTNTALES we provide our valued customers with expertise of our curators to help find that perfect piece of art with as much support and love.

Step of the buying process

Sending your Request:
Send us your request which may include the details or just a hint about the inspiration you may have, or even exactly know what you would like but  need a bit of  help finding it.

Reviewing your Request:

We go thru your request and may ask you a few more questions. But will surely get back to you with suggestions based on the expertise you can count that will help you find that perfect work of  art fitting into any space.

Sharing our Suggestions:
Once we have  the perfect  art lined up based on your request keeping in mind your taste and the budget. We share them with you which you can purchase in few easy steps. bearing in mind that you are not under any kind of obligation to do so. You might just have a new idea and we will help you gladly to get whatever your heart desires. 

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