With the rise of artistic power, more and more people are acknowledging its beauty as well as its importance. ARTNTALES is an online art gallery that specializes in the curation and sales of artwork across mediums and styles. Our vision is to create a platform for contemporary artists who are looking for an outlet of their talent. At ARTNTALES, we want to amplify the artists’ outreach to a global audience. In this endeavor, our website will be instrumental by acting as a host for artists as well as art enthusiasts.

How do I register myself as an artist on ARTNTALES?
Convenience is key in the 21st century, that’s reason why we made getting on board with us absolutely hassle free!
Our artists can Sign Up<linked to Sign Up page> with us in 3 simple steps.
You’re an Artist, take pride!
Fill up the simple form and give us your basic details, so we can make you a great profile for your patrons to explore
•    Name
•    Photo
•    Place, etc.
Sweep us with your achievements!
Tell us more about your accomplishments and experience by sharing the following details:
•    Bio data
•    Statement of work
•    Art Genre
•    Honorary mentions, etc.
Show us your best works!
Upload at least five sample images, with pricing.

Once you've submitted a registration request, we will take 2-3 days to get back to you over email.
I am having trouble with the registration application. It says my email address is already in use. What should I do?
Unfortunately, you cannot use the same email address for two accounts. Since your email address is already registered as a Collector/Artist, we recommend that you use a different email address.

Can artists living outside of the India apply?
Yes. Our application is open to artists from around the world. Click on ‘Sign Up’ to register now.

If I register on Artntales, can I also register elsewhere?
We are more than happy to be a part of your art journey, be it from anywhere in the world. We encourage people to connect with us by sharing your work on our site. Our only request is that you inform us if any of your uploaded painting on our site is sold, so we can update our algorithm.

How will you market my art?
We have several ways of promoting our artists' work. Thank to our marketing and Social Media team that through a rigorous advertising campaign on Social Media and some severe search engine optimization, we get you painting to just the right audience for your noble efforts.
On the site itself, we may choose to feature you as Artist of the month, invite you to participate in exhibitions, and your work may be selected by our Guest curators.

How do I price my artworks?
Artntales allows each artist to determine the price of their work themselves. However, our internal art advisory team will check the prices before approving any artwork. They have the right to reject any artwork if they feel that the price quoted is too high. Our objective is to make art accessible to all.

I uploaded my artworks, they are showing as pending. What should I do?
•    Normally it takes up to 24 hours before an artwork goes live on the platform. Please check the page after 24 hours, if the artwork is still not live, please call us on our helpline number –+91 9958395869 or write to us at
•    This could be because of poor image quality of the artwork or other related reasons. In such cases our Team will contact you. Please call us on our helpline number – +91 9958395869 or write to us at

How do I know when my artwork is sold? What do I do once it is sold?

Once your art is sold, you will receive an email notifying you of the sale.

When do I receive the payment?
The customer has 7 days to confirm if the artwork has reached them in good condition. Once we receive the confirmation, we will be happy to process your payment immediately. The payment should reflect in your account within 7-10 days thereafter.

What will be the mode of payment?
The payment will be transferred into your registered bank account.
Note: You can modify any of the details in your profile with us. Just log in and edit anytime. You'll also receive a confirmation email and SMS once this is done.

How do I photograph my work?

Photographing your artwork is very simple. You can use any basic digital camera to photograph your work.

There are 2 steps you need to follow

•    Photographing
While photographing paintings, stretch out a canvas or a painting against a wall, Shoot in bright, soft light and make sure your images aren't too dark or too light. When you take a photo of your paintings make sure that your camera is parallel to the artwork, and keep minimal space around the object you're shooting to get a large, clear image.
While shooting sculptures, shoot multiple images from different angles so a buyer can get a 360 degree view of the artwork.

•    Editing
When editing, keep it simple, and as close to the original as possible. Make sure you crop all edges from the image, and do not include any frames or mounts on a painting.

What should be the size of the images I upload on the site?
Your image resolution needs to be minimum of 1400 x 1400 pixel for good viewing experience of the buyer. If you are making the artwork available for Digital prints, which we recommend you do, the resolution needs to be a minimum of 200 dpi and the required size may increase up to 2000 x 2000 pixel.

Who has to courier the work to the buyer?
As the artist, you have to pack and courier the artwork to the Artntales Hub. Remember, you need to include a colour printout of the Authenticity Certificate, inserted into an envelope, in the package when you courier it. Also print and post the Invoice you will raise on Artntales to us along with the artwork. We will not be able to pay you without a signed invoice from you.

Can you give me the complete guidelines to packing my artwork?

Packing your artwork neatly and professionally not only leaves a good impression on the buyer, it also minimizes the chances of damage during couriering. To pack your artwork neatly and professionally, you'll need the following material
•    Glassine Paper/Butter Paper
•    Bubble Wrap/Thermocol
•    Sealant like sellotape brown packing tape
•    Masking tape
•    A container for the painting – a tube for a roll, and a crate for framed/stretched artwork.
Here's how you should pack your art.
•    Ensure paintings are completely dry before packing them. Research the correct amount of drying time before packing and keep a few   extra days as a buffer.
•    Protect the painting with a layer of butter paper on the painted surface. Any material that comes in contact with the surface of the painting could potentially damage it.
•    Use the correct types of packing paper like glassine/ butter paper as the first layer between the painting and any packing material like bubble wrap or newspaper. DO NOT use printed paper, newspaper, or anything printed with ink to create the first layer of packing.
•    Now the roll the canvas/ paper and cover it in a layer of bubble wrap to protect from moisture.
•    Insert this roll into a PVC or Cardboard tube and seal it from both ends.
•    If you are sending the artwork as stretched or framed, secure the glass by sticking masking tape in a cross across the glass.
•    Now cover it in a layer of bubble wrap, giving special attention to the edges. Finally, place this work in a wooden crate with a thermocol layer on all sides, seal and courier it.

What happens in case the artwork is damaged in transit?

The responsibility for damages lies with the dispatcher (the artist). Please ensure that every precaution is taken while packing the artwork. In case an artwork is received damaged, the loss has to be borne by the dispatcher.

What happens if the artwork sold by Artntales is already sold by me to someone else?
While we do not object to artists listing artwork on multiple platforms, we request that you inform us of sold artworks, so that they can be removed from the platform.
Artntales's aim is to provide a seamless and professional experience to the customer. If we are not informed of the sale, it creates a bad experience for the customer. In case of blatant violations Artntales' will be forced to de-list the offending party from the platform.